Hotel du Golf Cabourg
Hotel du Golf Cabourg
Hotel du Golf Cabourg

The Half-Board Menu

Want to discover local Norman produce and gourmet cuisine? Book a half or full-board break at l'Hôtel du Golf de Cabourg!


Our home-made dishes are created on the premises exclusively with fresh, raw and unprocessed produce.



6 N°3 Asnelles Oysters  
9 N°3 Asnelles Oysters 3.00€ extra
12 N°3 Asnelles Oysters 4.00€ extra
Fish soup with Garnishing  
Homemade Pork Terrine with Garnishing  
Crispy Camembert and Apricot Purée  
The House's own Foie Gras with Apple Compote and Toast 5.00€ extra
Saumon Fumé par nos soins, Mousse d'Herbes citronnée 3.00€ extra


The Speciality of the House, Filet de Boeuf Normand served on a Hot Stone 9.00€ extra
Filet de Boeuf Normand with Cream of Porcini Mushrooms  7.00€ extra
Normandy-reared Rossini Beef Fillet façon Normande  9.00€ extra
Escalope of Foie Gras, Caramel Cider and Candied Apples  2.00 € extra
Quasi of Veal Pôelé and Unctuous Cream of Porcini Mushrooms  2.00 € extra
Shredded Poultry Meat and Camembert Cream  
Basque Pork Rib Steak, reared at Domaine Abotia  
Duck breast "Origine Périgord" and a Honey and Thyme Sauce  
Fillet of John Dory with Tomatoe-basilic Cream  
Seared Thyme Bass with Citrus Sauce  


Local Cheese Board  
Choice of Ice Creams (2 scoops)  
White Lady and Hot Chocolate  
Apple Tatin, Pâté Sablé and Sorbet 2.00€ extra
Poached Pineapple Carpaccio  in Mango and Titmut Pepper Syrup  
Chocolate Moelleux with a Coeur Coulant and Crème Anglaise  
Colonel (lemon sorbet and vodka) 2.00€ extra
Iceberg (mint and chocolate ice cream and Get 27) 2.00€ extra
Coupe Normande (apple sorbet and calavados or pommeau) 2.00€ extra


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